Consulting & Training


Gyrus’s consulting team turns business strategy into action through experience driven organizational development and best practices consulting.  Through an array of proven services that are tailored to the unique needs of each customer, Gyrus enables its customers to maximize the effectiveness of their human capital. Our services include:

  • Change Management
  • Competency Modeling
  • Skills Management
  • Knowledge and Exhibited Assessment Development
  • Talent Development & Training
  • Training Program Development
  • Training Trend Analysis

With decades of consulting expertise, Gyrus offers their extensive understanding of human behaviors with the performance requirements of today’s businesses to drive revenue growth, operational excellence, performance, and profitability for customers.  Since 1987 our experience has shown us that customers’ needs can best be served through the design and delivery of “blended solutions.”  The solutions integrate technology with best practices to allow you to create learning environments that boost overall profitability.

Our current consulting efforts are driven by application.  This means we take a consultative approach to implementation, and the services mentioned herein are provided to our customers.  We have a wealth of experience with training departments that are new to LMS.  We have had success in consulting, because we collaborate with customers on a multitude of solutions, while only moving forward with one that best suits their needs.


Gyrus offers training courses for each of its product offerings.  We can also customize training to fit the needs of your business.  Training from Gyrus will ensure that you: meet business objectives more quickly, increase adoption throughout your company, and decrease the learning curve for administrators, instructors, and authors.  Gyrus’s instructor-led training, online learning, and virtual classes offer thorough product instruction, providing you with a multi-faceted learning experience.  Benefits of training with Gyrus:

  • Increase your ability to leverage product features: If administrators, authors, and instructors understand how to use Gyrus’s technology, they can better leverage our capabilities. Administrators can use features to achieve business goals more quickly and effectively.
  • Facilitate change through rapid engagement: In-depth product training promotes change. Early adopters will demonstrate Gyrus’s power to the rest of your organization. The more rapid the acceptance and successful usage of your solution, the more quickly you meet your business objectives.
  • Decrease inefficiencies: Gyrus training helps your key users understand how to leverage your solution right the first time.  Training will help your administrators with the tips and tricks to implement correctly, and save time doing it.
  • Increase training capacity with train-the-trainer options: Maximize your training investment with Gyrus’s train-the-trainer program. We can teach your team to provide comprehensive Gyrus training to other administrators, authors, or other users throughout your company. Our training manual is hosted online (and can be printed in PDF) and is considered a living document.   When we update the product, we update the learning material.  Use our documentation as is, or change it to fit the needs of your organization.
  • Deepen the learning experience with real-world training: Gyrus does not offer “button-click training” where learners focus only on product features. Instead, Gyrus training provides comprehensive, scenario-based learning that brings relevance to the learning experience and highlights our best practices in using the Gyrus training platform. When learners complete our classes, they are able to maintain, configure, and implement the Gyrus training platform.

Gyrus offers a variety of training opportunities so you can find the right type of training to meet your needs.

  • Virtual training: Don’t have the budget to travel to a training site? Have less time to engage in training? Many of our courses are delivered virtually. Led by instructors experienced with delivering training in an online environment, we present virtual courses over the Web using standard conferencing tools. These courses blend instructor demonstrations with structured, hands-on student activities.
  • On-site training: If you have a large number of on-site employees who require training, consider having one of our qualified trainers come to you. By having instructors on-site, you not only minimize travel costs, but also have opportunities to reference your own resources during the training.
  • Blended training: Gyrus Systems can be flexible to your needs.  If you feel like one or two days on site is not enough, or several hours in front of the computer won’t cut it, we have a solution.  We can come on site for initial configuration and administrator training.  We can also follow up with a series of webinars on best practices.  This will ensure you are covered on all fronts!
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