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During the selection process, Gyrus always had a “we can do it” attitude towards making their product work for our business. They truly took an interest in understanding what makes Employment Plus, Inc. unique and looked for innovative ways to communicate that exceptionality through epUniversity.
During Implementation, Gyrus blended onsite instruction, conference calls, virtual meetings and one on one conversations not only to aid, but to educate us on how to properly maintenance the system. They not only told us how, but why things were constructed in the system.Ed Finn, Employment Plus

How Can We Help?

Advancing the effectiveness of your clients’ use of your software and services provides competitive advantages; strengthening the relationship, improving service delivery and brand integrity and promoting greater account penetration. Globalization, dispersed work-forces, and technology have combined to challenge old training modes and models. Increasingly, companies are turning to training technology to provide advanced training to clients that is targeted, on-demand, and provides new and innovative ways to manage, market and develop their offerings for optimal results. Our business model, product and pricing are unique in the industry and designed for one goal; to allow you to build a ‘Virtual Learning Organization’ that is unrestricted; one that scales in IT and budgetary terms, so your training efforts are nimble, flexible and adaptable, supporting the evolution of your strategies and helping you grow.



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Why Your Training Administrator Will Love It?

GyrusAim can improve training time-to-market to support software upgrades, releases or service offerings. It delivers target training efficiently and on-demand. Individual development plans will allow you to separate clients of varying need and apply training in a customized manner. Administrators can reduce training costs by replacing instructor led training and travel costs with a multitude of our online delivery options including webinars, eLearning, document delivery, and more. GyrusAim’s clean, simple interface aids rapid adoption across multi-cultural and multi-generational customer sets – this means less time administering and teaching the system and more time training to the content. Administrators will find it easy to manage the system due to the flexibility and role-based permissions which allow for managing separate customer ‘nodes’ to keep data secure and make reporting more effective.





Finding Success with GyrusAim

We can support multiple time zones with geographically dispersed work-forces and client locations. GyrusAim allows for personalized training plans for external clients, real time updates of training content, and robust reporting of metrics to support corporate planning and strategy. Our LMS will provide a means to deliver your ‘Brand Promise’ more consistently and create a competitive advantage over your competitors. GyrusAim also offers a service for supplemental revenue streams by enabling our eCommerce module. With GyrusAim you can improve service levels, consistency, and client feedback.



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