Case Studies

What is a case study?

Case studies are a way for you to see our product in action.  We have worked with a multitude of clients to solve real world business problems related to training and development.  This is our opportunity to showcase our solution in action.  Feel free to read and download the case studies.


  Bizjet Empowers Students to Succeed

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The Problem: The challenges faced by Bizjet are common among many organizations, not enough time for student training, difficulty associating training requirements to jobs, and tracking training needed for regulatory compliance.  They needed a solution that would make taking training easy, effective, and trackable.

The Solution: With the use of GyrusAim's individual development plan (IDP) feature, Bizjet was able to relate training to not only jobs, but departments/divisions as well.  Students have a quick and easy user interface to access, enroll, and take training.  Lastly, auditors are able to quickly view all requirements of an individual, why they have the requirement, when they fulfilled, and when it expires.  This one-stop-shop for training and tracking has allowed Bizjet to grow their training department. 

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  GyrusAim Offers Skills Management to Louisiana Machinery


The Problem: When Caterpillar Corporation changed from course based training to skills based development, Louisiana Machinery wanted to capitalize on the strengths of the new TCDP approach without losing the essential legacy training information belonging to their long-term employees. To do this, the Learning Management System had to be flexible enough to do both. 

The Solution: GyrusAim meets this need because it updates existing courses to skills based training and properly credits each technician with the skills they have learned through years of training and experience. In this way, even a 25+ year employee will have detailed and up to date transcripts containing both courses completed, skill or tasks obtained and those still required.

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  GyrusAim Offers Accessibility to New Mexico Department of Transportation


The Problem: The real challenge of the project was how to meet the Department’s growing need to delegate more responsibility to regional management for the compliance of their local employees. Regional management needed to balance training needs to meet increasingly demanding compliance requirements with operational costs and employee productivity. 

The Solution: The project demonstrated GyrusAim’s ability to serve well both commercial and governmental customers. The legacy training data conformed to a traditional corporate training model insufficient to meet current requirements. But by re-purposing that data and building new information on GyrusAim’s forward thinking “next practices” design, New Mexico Department of Transportation was able to meet the needs of a large State Agency and transform the experience of all involved so each could complete their training and compliance responsibilities.

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  LMS Powers Customer Service at Bethpage Federal Credit Union

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The Problem: Just a few years ago, operations at the Learning Center of this Long Island, New York-based credit union were entirely manual — a spread-sheet for this and a spreadsheet for that. Later, an Access database helped maintain some training records, but Learning Center Manager Melissa Feeney knew that her department needed true automation —the kind of automation that only a learning management system (LMS) could provide.

The Solution: After much research, several demos, and a great deal of “lifting the carpet and looking under,” Gyrus was the clear winner. “Service is critical to us,” says Melissa, “and we developed a real rap-port with the people at Gyrus, a real camaraderie. Gyrus was able to help with implementation, automating learning schedules, achieving a return on investment, tracking compliance, and increasing internal comunications.

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