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Our business need was to get the historical training records in place as quickly as possible…Gyrus was able to step up to the plate. With so many new regulations, such as Check21, Sarbanes-Oxley, the Patriot Act, and others, it’s critical to know who has had what training, and when their certifications will expire.Elizabeth D., State Banking Customer

How Can We Help?

GyrusAim provides customers in the financial industry effective tools to provide their employees with the competencies and skills for success, and to keep them current with certifications and regulatory standards. Whether it’s Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, the “JOBS Act,” or FDIC rules and regulations, our web-based LMS provides a top-tier and comprehensive system of assessing employee’s skills against job, organization, and compliance requirements. ELearning or scheduled training options are identified based on these skill gaps and performance is improved, risk is reduced, and future employee skill gaps are prevented.

Certification expiration and standards are actively monitored by GyrusAim in real-time. GyrusAim automatically sends email reminders for required and expired skills, enrollments, and it tracks classroom and self-reported training. Individual Development Plans allow executives to easily compare skills obtained to skills required, and to show all training options available for gaining required skills.



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Why Your Training Administrators Will Love It?

Training administrators can easily monitor banking and finance official’s learning progress, and whether they have met specific regulatory compliance standards. As a whole, the organization can easily avoid risks of non-compliance with training transcripts and automated certification email reminders. Centrally tracking training and compliance can result in reduction of legal action and fines. We understand the toll that ever-increasing regulations and rule-making have on the industry by diverting resources from critical business functions and slowing down internal processes. GyrusAim will alleviate some of these processes via automated certification reminders and renewals to reduce lapse in licensing, self-service for employees, automation by expiration date or period, and allowing due dates on training requirements.





Finding Success with GyrusAim!

GyrusAim integrates with Organization, Universities, and Learning Centers to provide a seamless experience for your end-users. GyrusAim allows for on demand training by making learning materials available to employees, clients, or members. The product allows you to easily manage compliance and certifications which gives you more time to focus on customers and employees. The skill-centric nature of GyrusAim allows you to incorporate your regulation requirements into orientation / on-boarding. Requirements stay up to date, thus ensuring that everyone has obtained the same requirements across the board and enabling employees to stay current on SOX, Dodd-Frank, and JOBS Act rule-making.



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