Training Wizard and Earlier Legacy Systems

Training Wizard 1994 to 2006

Training Wizard is Gyrus’ third generation Learning Management System. Its client/server technology enables users to work together to accomplish key training administration tasks quickly and efficiently. Together with the Self Service Training component, every user from System Administrator to supervisor to employee can easily obtain needed training information and perform training tasks appropriate to their position in the organization.

Training Wizard was the first LMS designed for Windows 95.  Self Service Training – a companion product – was the first web-based front-end application for an LMS on the market.  From here it was just a short leap to our current, fully web based application.  While this is a legacy product, we still have many customers that continue to use Training Wizard.  On average we convert 4-5 customers from Training Wizard to GyrusAim annually.

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Legacy Home Screen for Training Wizard

Efficiently managing the intricacies of instructor led training remains an essential task for most Training Departments. Over the years this task has become even more vital and complex. Training Wizard is designed to streamline the process and allow the training Administrator to delegate some of training tasks and responsibilities to others. Training wizard provides managers and the students themselves the information they need to understand their requirements and options and even to enroll in classes if you permit them to do so. This is done through a flexible and easy to use system which the Administrator can modify to meet changing needs.

Training Wizard helps manage every aspect of classroom training. Easy to use, it handles course scheduling, enrollment, e-mail confirmations, and much more. For example, users may effortlessly cancel enrollments or classes and update transcripts to record scores, grades, and successful class completion.

Training Wizard provides more than one hundred management and class administration reports that show many aspects of the training activities and student transcript information. Any report can be customized if the standard report does not include the necessary information, or new reports can be written using Crystal Reports Professional Writer.


Training Wizard includes reports that track: classroom activity, completion, transcripts, and resource usage.  Reports in Training Wizard can be exported to several formats including: PDF, Excel, TIFF, and XML.

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Training Administrator and Earlier (1988-1984)

Historical Gyrus Symbol

From inception of the company to 1994 we developed two other capstone products.  Our original release in 1988, was a DOS based application which basically served as a filing cabinet for training records.  Training Administrator was introduced in 1992 as the first comprehensive training management software to work in a Windows environment.  The company recorded another first in 1994 when it introduced a version of Training Administrator with client-server capabilities. 

Training Administrator was an integrated software system which provided registration, scheduling, budgeting, reporting, tracking, and needs analysis functions for organizational training managers. Major clients included: Duracell, American Airlines, General Motors Continental, the Internal Revenue Service, Texaco Chemical and AT&T.


When I first came to the training department in 1995, we were using Training Administrator by Gyrus. As a new employee, I was able to learn the software quickly and extract the information from the system that I needed to service my internal customers and to do my job. Over the years, before signing contracts for the upgrades, management has pushed for evaluations to see if the software was still meeting Tower’s needs. In each instance, we have gotten demos and pricing from other companies. As the power user of this software here at Tower, I have repeatedly rallied for Gyrus. I have looked at the other software out there and know that I wouldn’t find it as easy to do my job if we switched. If I can’t find what I need, I make a call or send an email and get the assistance I need from the company. Training Wizard allows us to do enrollments, keep track of required training and provide reports when necessary.Ramona Riordan, Tower Federal Credit Union


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